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You’re considering an LED lighting upgrade for your facility, but you dread the disruption it may cause in your daily operations.

You didn’t know it could be this easy.

Site Visit

We schedule a no-obligation site visit where we perform an energy audit. We take a look at your existing fixtures and their placement, wattage, and your utility costs.




We discuss your goals and explore how we can maximize your ROI with more efficient lighting. Lower-wattage LEDs bring down costs while providing uniform, brighter light output.


We catalog all current fixtures in the space, which is key to a methodical project. With a clear map of your current lighting, we can be in and out of your space faster.




We present you with a written proposal comparing your current usage and cost with prospective savings. You can see the fine details and know what outcomes to expect from your project.


We file all necessary paperwork with the utility companies and procure rebates to reduce the project cost. We take full responsibility for rebate attainment, and we’ll always honor our projected price.




We facilitate the installation with our network of licensed electricians. Our goals are the same as yours–minimal business disruption, speedy work, and immediate impact.

  • “Working with Enercon was a breath of fresh air!”

    Moishe Wechsler

    Property Manager,

    “We had old and inefficient lighting. Enercon got us approved by JCPL to replace the LEDs at a very low out-of-pocket cost. We had a full turnaround time of three weeks and monthly savings of $1200.”

    Moe Silberman

    Smarty had a Party

  • “They really want their clients to be very happy.”

    “Enercon upgraded our lighting in numerous warehouses.They have a great support team, and made us feel comfortable with them. They were forthcoming and there for us throughout the project, dealing with any issues that arose.

    “The process was a pleasure, and made our facilities nicer and our tenants happier. What I found unique about Enercon was that they really want their clients to be very happy. They do whatever it takes.”

    Abraham E.

    Suburban Jersey Properties

  • “Their attitude is, 'we’ll do anything to make you happy.’“

    “Enercon upgraded the lighting in our 250,000 square foot warehouse, dealing with various issues such as different height levels and various fixture types.
    “The team addressed all our concerns, provided multiple options, and worked with our schedule. It wasn’t just another job to them; their attitude is, ‘we’ll do anything to make you happy.’
    “Appearance-wise, our facility looks like a new place! Our employees are happier, productivity is up, and picking products is way easier.”

    Moishe Weider

    Operations Manager, C+A Global

Upgrade your lighting and reap a wealth of benefits:

happy employees, satisfied tenants, and healthy profit margins.

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